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Child Custody Services

  • Are you in the middle of a child custody battle?
  • Do you suspect the child is being put in harms way?
  • Do you suspect the childs living conditions are harmful?
  • Are you concerned with the physical and emotional well being of the child?
  • Do you suspect court orders are being violated?
  • Do you believe the child is being exposed to inappropriate behavior? 


  • Do you need evidence to support any of the above suspicions? 


Infidelity Services

  • Do you suspect your partner is cheating?
  • Has your partner changed the passcode on their phone/ computer?
  • Do you often wonder where your partner is?
  • Has your partners level of intimacy changed?
  • Are there unexplained withdrawals from your bank account?
  • Does your partner seem to be more concerned with how they look?
  • Has your partner quit taking you to business events?


  • Do you need someone to investigate your suspicions and provide evidence of possible infidelity?  


VIP Servies can provide surveillance video evidence for Infidelity and Child Custody suspicions. We utilizing Hi-resolution cameras and hidden body camera. GPS tracking is available where applicable.