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Attorney Services


• Accident investigations

         -Accident investigations include but are not limited to:Automobile, trucking industrial and oilfield. 

• Process service

• Video depositions

• Courtroom Services  

Video Depositions

We Provide            Benefit to you

 Small High Definition cameras.

Allows filming to be less obtrusive to the deposition.

Balanced Audio Recording.

No interference or distortion to audio files. 

Experienced Video Technicians.      

Minimizes human error.  




Video Editing

Feature             Benefit

Over 25 years editing experience.  

Professional finished product.

Conversion software.

We can effectively convert your video into an easy to use format that is compatible with your software. 

We can sync Depo's with transcript for use with trial Director and Summation

We can sync your depositions to use with your preferred courtroom presentation software. 

Video editing.            

We can edit your video depositions.